About Us

Changing the Agronomic Landscape – Alberta

Established in 1994, Western Ag is a privately owned and rapidly growing group of companies. Western Ag has exclusive access to the patented PRS® Probe Technology, which has been used in soil science research in 58 countries worldwide and powers the PRS CropCaster® software – a decision support tool proven to optimize yields and Grow More Profit in agricultural production.

Western Ag is focused on building the business of complete, professional agronomy services. This is done through our Professional Agronomy Consultants delivering the proprietary PRS Cropcaster® services to farm business customers.

Western Ag was founded with the belief that we could fashion better tools to assess soil nutrient supply, make crop nutrition plans and with these tools, give agronomists the professional credibility they desire. Western Ag is actively seeking business partners for a limited number of franchise opportunities in Alberta. There are also opportunities for independent agronomists who share our vision to help growers better understand their soils and provide them with the support to achieve their production and profit goals.

Information on becoming a Licensed Business Partner is available here.

Information on becoming a Professional Agronomy Consultant with Western Ag is available here.