About Us

Western Ag Professional Agronomy for the Southwest Saskatchewan region is a team of a general manager (me, Carmen Watson) and a group of some of the most experienced and respected agronomists operating in Southwest Saskatchewan. I am very proud that this group of agronomists have chosen the PRS® technology as their primary nutrition planning tool for their customers.

My husband and I operate a grain and livestock operation at Hodgeville SK. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan and am a 20 year veteran of the ag industry and have worked with growers from across the entire southwest while employed with BASF.

My husband and I had been very frustrated with the usefulness of conventional soil tests and had been looking for a more effective crop nutrition planning tool for our farm when we learned about the PRS® Technology. It was exactly the tool we were looking for – an accurate, easy to understand and effective technology that has helped improve crop health, yields and profitability on our farm. We believed in the PRS™ Technology so much that we became a Western Ag Professional Agronomy franchise so we could offer this to other growers in the area.

We are passionate about helping growers better understand their soils, and passionate about helping growers hit their production and profitability goals. Our team is looking forward to helping you “grow more profit”.