About Us

Western Ag Professional Agronomy Northwest Saskatchewan is led by General Manager, Paul Tastad, along with Manager of Professional Agronomy, Guy Keeler. Our team of Professional Agronomy Consultants (PACs) are spread across Northwest/West Central Saskatchewan and combined, have over 50 years of agronomy experience. Our PACs follow professional industry standards and have qualifications that include P.Ag and CCA, along with M.Sc. We take pride in being “Independent Agronomists” and are able to provide that independent point of view for our customers.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your farm to Grow More Profit.



Using Western Ag’s soil sampling, I found that the crops did improve but what I have saved is on my fertilizer input. In certain areas I don’t have to apply a certain product so it is like putting money in my pocket.  The sampling also warns me about red flags: micronutrients or anything else that I should add.


A lot of people would probably be very hesitant about following the recommendations – like not putting sulphur on their canola. I have done it two or three times and have consistent results.


Last year was probably my highest return on the sampling that we did. I had above average yields with below average fertilizer requirements.  I have been using Western Ag’s soil sampling system since about 2005.  It worked every time for me. Try it for yourself.

Al Wishloff – Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan



I heard about Western Ag’s technology when I was in university taking a soil science class. I was impressed with it at the time but not farming yet. This is my fourth year using the Western Ag technology. After the first year, there was no looking back. I sample all 850 acres.


I had tried traditional soil sampling but there is just so much more power with the Western Ag system. It really lets you fine tune and is extremely consistent and accurate.


I don’t hesitate to say that it has been working for me and why I like it. I believe in the product.

Haydon Rice – Asquith, Saskatchewan


When I started testing the whole farm with Western Ag and following their recommendations, I saw big variations in fertility from field to field but fairly consistent yield across the farm with widely varying amounts of applied fertilizer.


I have been able to grow more grain with the same amount of fertilizer but the fertilizer gets distributed differently than it used to. I used to put a blanket on the whole farm but now I am putting widely different rates on different fields using the same amount of fertilizer or a little more, but seeing better yield response.


I would say, number one if you are not soil testing, soil test. If you are soil testing, give the Western Ag analysis a trial. I have used the lab continuously since 2007 and been happy with the results.

Doug Brehon – Maymont, Saskatchewan