Our Services

cycleOur service consists of a Soil Collection and PRS® Analysis followed by a PRS CropCaster® session where both the grower and the Professional Agronomy Consultant (PAC) sit down to go through the results on an individual field by field basis.

The Soil Analysis measures all macro and micro nutrients, along with pH and EC.
Typically, our soil collection and analysis is done in the fall, leaving more time over the winter months to put a PRS CropCaster® plan in place for your farm. We will do some spring soil collection but typically dedicate this time for new growers trying out the service.

After the PAC has been out to sample your fields, the soil is analyzed using PRS® (Plant Root Simulator) Probes at our lab in Saskatoon. Once the results are ready, your PAC will sit down with you to go over the results. Prior to seeding, your PAC will be in touch with you to confirm seeding intentions and if necessary, run any new scenarios on the PRS CropCaster® software. Mid-summer, your PAC may contact you about a MidCast session if there are any fields needing followup review. We have purchased a UAV (Drone) that is available to take aerial photos of fields for further analysis as well. Lastly, the BackCast session is where we enter into the PRS CropCaster® software all of the known variables that were estimated – such as rainfall, growing degree days, temperature during flowering and your exact fertility blend used, and then compare the PRS CropCaster® yield forecast to your actual yield. Our goal is to be within 90% of your actual yield.

The fee for our yearly service (see CropCaster® Delivery Cycle) is $4.00/acre. We do have an early booking discount of $0.50/acre. Please contact your PAC for information regarding the early booking discount.